Written by Tim Engelhardt, CTS

We recently found you and your CCW class as we searched for our son, Ethan an active duty Marine, for a place to take the course. He returned Saturday totally excited about the course, you and the other instructor. He was truly amazed about how interesting the class content was to him. He appreciated your style and method of engaging the students.

Thank you for what you have developed at Woodhill and for making this a memorable experience for our son.

I may seek you out for one of your private courses to improve my skills and knowledge as a CCW holder.

Written by James E. Bedel

I took your class back in July and wanted to let you know that I had my appointment with Hamilton County on a Monday and received my CCW license the following Wednesday. (2 days)
I enjoyed the class very much and definitely learned many, many things.
My wife and two daughters will be in a class in the very near future.
Thanks Again !!!

Written by Jeff Enneking

I did not have the opportunity on Sunday to thank you for the excellent instruction I had received this past weekend. I thought you guys did an excellent job  and the course definitely exceeded my expectations.  I attended with my Dad, Jerry (a Marine Vet) as well as my brother –in-law  and we were very pleased with all that was learned, and the professional manner in which it was taught. I was raised around firearms, however this course provided me with additional information that I was unaware of (proper grip, proper use of sights, etc.) The class was very well planned, and was done in a manner that included EVERYONE in the class regardless of experience (including, but not limited to the real life scenarios!)
Thanks again ! Please relay my words of gratitude to the other guys! You have a great team there!

Written by Timothy FitzGerald

Tom – I enjoyed your class very much and wanted to thank both you and Chris. It was interesting and entertaining – and was made up of people who cared about what they were doing.  I got my application together and set an appointment with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department for Thursday December 6, 2012 at 9:30 am – completed the process in less than 15 minutes that day – was told it would take a week and a half to two weeks.  The Sheriff’s office called my office on Friday December 7, 2012 at 9 am and informed my secretary that my license was ready for pick up.  So it took less than 24 hours.  So from taking your class on December 1 – I had my license in a week.  Pretty darn good. Again – you guys do a great job and I am recommending you to a lot of people who  want their license.  Thanks again.

Written by Lois Butler

Hello Tom!! Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class. I just turned 81 years old so you are never to old to learn. You made me feel comfortable and equal to anyone else in the class. Your class was interesting and informative. I was surprised at how many women were in the class – I wasn’t the only one who felt “it is time”. I’ve spread the word and several of my relatives are very interested. I am so much more comfortable with my gun and know now I’m more competent to not only own a gun but to carry a gun.
After the training, I know now I will be less apt to shoot first!!! I appreciate all your help as well as your other instructors. You are doing a much needed service to keep us all safer. Success in all your endeavors. I’m glad I chose YOU!!!

PS- I think I told you my ultimate goal was to get my permit but my immediate goal was to go to the Target Range with my son and whip his ass!!!! We did go to the target range and although I didn’t “whip his ass” I was able to match him on body shots as well as head shots!!! I could tell he was a little surprised. He tried not to let me know. I have not revealed my accomplishment to him as yet – I want to purchase a new gun first. L

Written by Dave Meister

Tom and Chris,

GREAT CLASS, sorry it’s taken so long to give you feedback. I loved how you taught the class to the students as a whole but also made it relevant for everyone in there regardless of their background. You were great at stimulating the thought process and the “what if” scenario. I have and will continue to recommend this class to anyone that will listen.

Here is a follow up on getting the permit. Since I work out in Warren County I thought I would call that county to get processed at lunch. The first date open would have been 7 weeks out. I called Hamilton County the same day asking for an early morning appointment. I was pleasantly shocked when the said if I wanted a 7:45 appointment that I could have a date in 5 days. I asked if my Father in law that I took the class with could come in the same time, and they said yes. There was no traffic at 7:00 and we were able to park right in front of the building. We walked in at 7:20 and they asked if we had an appointment and we told them the time, they took us inearly and the two of us were done in 20 minutes. The staff down on Sycamore Street was very friendly and helpful. Here is the amazing part when I got to my answering machine at the end of the day there was a message from there saying that my permit was processed and ready to be picked up. That call came at 2:30, a scant 7 hours from when I was finger printed.

Thanks for your help and guidance and your commitment to helping people make the right decision and having options.

Written by Joe and Jason Holland

Hello Tom and Chris,

My son Jason and I want to thank you for taking the time to make us better individuals in terms of better protecting ourselves, family, and friends.

The class this past weekend was exceptional and I will be recommending the class to many others. I want my wife and daughter to attend the class because what I got out of those two days is definitely invaluable information. I would recommend the class for all law-abiding citizens.

Jason and I are interested in the advanced class so please keep us on your contact list.

Thanks again guys!

Written by Edwin G. Brater lll.  Harrison , Ohio.

My Brother and I just attended your concealed carry class, and I wanted to tell you how much my thinking has changed as a result of your excellent instruction. We both feel that not only were we trained, but were enlightened as to the thought and decision making process, and the responsibility of carrying a firearm in our daily lives. I feel I am actually less likely to ever need to use my firearm, while at the same time safer from knowing when I should use it, after learning the practical lessons taught in the class. VERY real stuff, for real life situations. Retreating to avoid an encounter, and retreating while in an encounter, was something I had not given enough consideration to before. Chris is fantastic in his articulation and explanations of the inn’s and out’s of the many scenarios that regular folks may face, what the results of each decision might mean, and how an overzealous attitude or response can and will have a huge impact on the future of any person who carries a firearm. He was able to take a very serious subject and inject just enough humor to make it comfortable and real, while not ever making light of the responsibility involved with carrying. Casual and fun, yet appropriately seriouse, =  instructional excellence ! The role playing was GREAT ! What a taste of realism THAT was ! A real wake-up call to what is out there in our world today. I also had not considered how coming in contact with a situation already in progress could so easily be misconstrued, and how someone who appears to be the attacker, and the other a victim, can be exactly the opposite ! I cannot think of one single thing that was not covered, but there were so many more things covered in detail that I did not expect. I also want to thank Don for his excellent instruction while on the range, for pushing me beyond my comfort zone, and for his expert tips that improved my technique immediately. Thank you ALL, for the positive impact you guys have made on my knowledge, and my future as a concealed firearm carrier. I’m sending you my wife ! I’m sending you my friends ! Awesome training !!!

Written by Mike Kinsey

Cincinnati’s Woodhill Protection Group generously invited OFCC Coordinators Lance Hart and Mike Kinsey to audit the inaugural run of their new Advanced Concealed Carry Training class. The curriculum was created in order to enhance the basic skills of someone licensed to carry a concealed handgun in Ohio. There is no live fire in the course, as the instructors want to focus on muscle memory, repetition, and the decision-making processes that go into being armed for self-defense. The instructors pointed out that these skills are just as important as being proficient on the range.

The class began with each student introducing themselves and giving a short history of their experience with concealed carry. The time was well spent as it allowed the participants to learn from each other through shared accounts of their method of carrying, mindset of carrying, and any encounters that may have occurred. We then progressed to learning the art of handgun retention. Many feel this training isn’t very relevant for those that carry concealed as a perpetrator should never be aware that a concealed handgun is present. Thanks to our esteemed legislators that inserted “plain sight” requirements into Ohio’s motor vehicle laws, every person in a parking lot has the potential to see where (and how) a CHL holder carries. After practicing retention with a partner, the class learned various disarming techniques. Hopefully, our situational awareness will keep us out of any circumstances in which the bad guy is able to hold us at gunpoint. Unfortunately, this tragic situation could still occur. The instructors offered various techniques to give victims a viable option to pure submission. More importantly, the decision process was emphasized with each of the disarming techniques. Each student was then put through various scenarios using a state-of-the-art video setup and laser guns. Each scenario allowed the participants to interact with a situation as it unfolded and make crucial shoot/no shoot decisions. This included shooting on the move and working with your digital “partner”. The class then moved outside for Force On Force training with AirSoft pistols. Scenarios were created that included a mock gas station and an ATM machine. The students were able to see how they would respond to various “attacks”. Again, the focus was not solely on tactical responses. Decisions to shoot or not shoot came into play and reinforced the need for a dynamic response to an armed assailant.

For those that wish to compliment their live-fire training with the other necessary skills every concealed handgun licensee should have, visit the website of Woodhill Protection Group to receive more information on upcoming classes.

Written by Gary Logan

Tom and Chris  of  Woodhill Training

I was in your CCW training class on 4/7/2007, and I’d like to thank you again for the excellent job you do!

I have a true story I’d like to share with you. On Saturday, September 24 around 10 am, I received an alarm call at my facility, a 105,000 sq. ft., 100 year old building. This was the third time it went off since that Friday afternoon, when it was a false alarm from either a bird or raccoon, which has been common. This time I began to fear an intruder, so I had the the police dispatch a patrol to meet me to check the building and grounds.

When we all arrived, we agreed that it would be a good idea to walk around the building together. We found nothing out of place and any raccoon trap was still open, so I locked up and we left the facility .Again, this is a very large facility with many excellent hiding places, PLUS, the entire structure shakes and is even more scary when trains roll by, at the western side of the property.

Sunday night the alarm company called again. This time, I asked which zone went off and how many times. They said the zone number and how many times it went off it only showed it went off only one time, so I assumed it was a raccoon again and chose not to dispatch a patrol.

I did gather up two clips and my Glock 30 with my tactical laser, holstered up, put on my body armor on, put my dog in the truck, and went down to my building alone. Initially, everything from the outside looked undisturbed. I did not drive around back because I was fixated on it being a raccoon and not a real threat.

So, I went in and turned off the alarm system before starting to walk down the first of three large, long drive through areas, about 350 feet long and 60 feet wide, each. As I walked, I shined my flashlight into the dark areas.

As I was nearing the end of my inspection, half way down the last aisle of the building, my dog, started growling as a man jumped up from behind a power distribution panel. By this time I had quickly drawn my weapon, laser and light on, and aimed at the man yelling for him to freeze and to drop the bag that he was holding and for him to show me his hands. This did nothing to stop him from continuing to run for an open door, about 20 feet further.

I was moving side ways aiming my Glock at him the whole time with the red dot on his chest and side with my light kind of lighting up his face somewhat. He yelled that he was unarmed do not shoot. I still could not tell if he had a weapon. I also thought civil suite if I shot him.  He then disappeared into a dark room. I called 911 and they instructed me leave the building. Police quickly arrived with a K 9, searched the building and found that the person got away. After stating my thanks we walked back past where I had originally seen the man.

We had discovered that he had cut a hole in a metal door and had covered it up very well. We also found out what he was after. He was taking copper wire from my power distribution panel pulling copper buss bars and wire out as he could. The police managed to lift a print from a copper buss bar that he dropped while he was running away. In addition, I managed to pick him out of a bunch of photos, which matched the finger print.

I just wanted to thank all of you at Woodhill Training for your fantastic classes. You saved the life of a burglar and mine from the judgment call that I made from the excellent training that I received at your facility. It all kicked in so I am here to tell you this story.

I will be back for a refresher course soon !  Keep up the good work!

Stay Safe!

Written by: Bill Marquet

Great CCW Course.

You far exceed my expectations of a Concealed Carry Course.

I had expected to learn about all the legal & moral issues related to Concealed Carry along with handgun safety, and the proper handling of firearms.

We got all that and more.

The personal defense role-playing was the most valuable part of the training for me. I learned that just having a tool for personal defense was not as important as being aware of your surroundings. I now know how to avoid these threatening situations all together, and how use other ways to stop a threat and to be able to just Walk Away from the incident.

What I learned in those short 10 hours on Saturday gave me a totally different perspective of why I wanted a carry permit. I’m better prepared now to face defensive situations even without the CCW.

The additional two hours on Sunday flew by before I even realized it.

You guys have really got this format worked out.

Thanks for the new Perspective.“WOODHILL TRAINING ROCKS”


Written By: Brandon S

Hey Chris,

I know for a fact you have heard this before but “WoodHill Training’s CCW course is absolutely wonderful!” This class is very informative but also very interesting. I thought with it being 10 hours the first day that it would be a lot of monotonous information but the way you guys explained things made me look at things from a different point of view. The different interactive things you and Tom showed us were very helpful and it was a lot of fun doing the role play activity. I would like to thank you both for everything and I have recommended your course to everyone I have been in contact with! For people who are interested in getting their CCW permit your guys course is the best.
The only thing I would recommend and I cannot remember if you guys were going to do this or not but if possible maybe hand out a copy of the application at the end of the course. The only reason I say that is because it is very difficult to find on the websites.
Again thank you very much for a great course! I will be bringing my fiancé in a few weeks to take the course and I definitely plan on sitting in again… Thanks Guys!

I was on you website and thought I would put in my 2 cents. I commend you for the effort you put forward to support and protect our rights to own and carry firearms. “We The People” indeed have to voice our opinions be it verbally or by obtaining a CCW license. Please keep up the good work and pass the word…..”Gun Control” is being able to hit what you are aiming at.

Tom and Donna
CCW Active Carriers

Ormond Beach, FL

Written by: Dave S


I just wanted to let you guys know how much I enjoyed your Advanced CCW Class. You were right, not only was it a ton of fun but I can’t believe how much I learned. When Chris rushed me from 21 feet away I figured I would have plenty of time to draw my gun and protect myself….boy was I wrong.
The retention and disarm segment was very interesting and the OODA loop was very informative.
I have been talking to everyone I know about the Force on Force and laser training! It was as close to the real thing as you can get, it definitely had my heart racing. You guys have put together a hell of a class. I feel more confident about protecting myself now and look forward to going through the class again.